Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Thursday! Did you know our family are huge Scrabble fanatics? Huge may actually be an understatement. We recently played on Sunday, my siblings and I, and I think it goes without saying who won... obviously the smartest sibling. (that'd be me)

It was gorgeous at the beach this weekend! White Rock was super duper busy but pretty nonetheless.

...when the sun is shining it's perfect weather to sit on the patio and have a Corona and sushi with a friend! ( spicy tuna rolls!)
The pier is under some construction and was closed for a while, but it was back open this past weekend. You can see in the far distance there is a crane still though.

I made spaghetti & meatballs for dinner last night, accompanied with caeser salad. I made real meatballs for the meat-eaters and fake meatballs for the non-meat-eaters! (me) I didn't make dinner tonight because I made turkey soup on Tuesday and there is still leftovers from that PLUS spaghetti leftovers!!

In other news... 

On one of my favorite blogs, she recently posted about this graphic novel for foodies! Looks like it would be a cool read. On the same blog, she also recently posted about making your own salad dressing.  I'd be intrigued to know how to make my own caeser dressing actually. Any ideas or tips?! I don't even know where I'd is a recipe from the Food Network; it looks easy enough but who knows... recipes can be decieving!

Did you know Diet Pepsi is specifically for women?! But it's ok, women make better decisions than men according to this. (maybe all that Diet Pepsi is going to their heads in a good way?!)


  1. Gary makes caesar salad dressing, probably that very one, and it is easy! Also the makes the homemade croutons (although he fries his in bacon fat which you likely wouldn't do but I love).

    1. Oooo good to know!! I never really hear about people making their own caeser dressings so I assumed it was super hard. I am going to try it! (I'll blog about how it goes...)

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