Wednesday, April 10, 2013

just little things

I re-found this blog I used to read & thought I'd share it! It's not necessarily a sit down and read blog, but it just shares a "little thing" each day that is really great that we don't always think about. In times where we all too often take far too much for granted, it is nice to think of the little things that are really, really awesome in life; even if they are small!

Here are some recent favorites...

PS - I want this job but am not American! Darn.

PPS - A cool account on Twitter writes quick thank you notes daily.

PPPS - Another way to appreciate the little things: 1000 awesome thing

PPPS - All of Phoebe's songs from Friends...  so funny. I remember the majority of these episodes!! I think my favorite has to be the classic Smelly Cat though...

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