Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My poor little sister has been super sick lately with an unknown disease...she potentially has strep throat, mono or some other neck infection that her & my mom couldn't remember the name of. She has been home from school lately so we have been watching episodes of New Girl season 1. Have you seen it? It is a hilarious TV show & makes me actually laugh out loud for almost the entire 30 minutes. Literally. The main character (Jess) is so quirky & amusing, and it's just a fun, light-hearted show all around. Watch it!!

I got my hair cut last week. It's significantly shorter than it was; and considering I hadn't gotten it cut in a loooong time, it was quite a shock as to how short it went! I am never super picky about my hair length and color (within reason, obviously) because hair always grows out and it's always changeable. So, I just figured I may as well have a bit of a change and see how I like it. It barely fits into a ponytail though - which is tricky for any girl!! I haven't dyed it in about 6 months so my hair is, for the most part, it's natural color right now. I might just leave it for a while and not dye it; let it be au naturel for a bit. However, as I age, those darn grey hairs become more and more prominent...there's too many to pluck nowadays...

We had a baby shower for Eliza, Justin & baby Kalan this weekend! Isn't he just adorable? Look at those cheeks!! I didn't take too many photos but I will find some and share them at a later time.

I was driving into Burnaby recently and the sky was insanely gorgeous.

Yesterday, Amanda took me for facials & out for dinner for my birthday. We got facials at Mint and they were done entirely with all natural Eminence products. Facials are so relaxing and my skin now feels like a million bucks. Then, we went to Osaka for dinner which is up there with some of my favorite restaurants EVER because it's so delicious and quite entertaining.If you are a teriyaki sauce fan, they have the best one there.

Heidi took me to a bistro in Maple Ridge for breakfast called Big Feast. It's seriously the cutest little place ever. Their food is very original (I had the crab benny - this is mine above) and Heidi had the 'big feast' omelette pictured below. They are really friendly there, and make pretty much everything from scratch with organic, sustainable ingredients. All the 'things' in their restaurant were previously loved by other locations so it's got a very home-y feeling to it yet it's still definitely trendy. I would definitely recommend it!! I love trying new places & supporting local businesses.

And last but not least, gotta love coffee....! #AMEN


  1. I love your hair....looks super cute!

  2. Thanks Shannon and Amanda for the wonderful Baby Shower for Kalan. We both had a great time :)

    I love New Girl, I make Justin download it for me every week. Have you watched The Mindy Project? I think you should it's pretty funny.