Saturday, April 13, 2013

my speed dating experience

I told you a little while ago that my friend Amanda & I bought Groupon's for speed dating through FastLife; we went last night so I can share my official experience with y'all!

So, we pictured this to be exactly like what you see in the movies and figured therefore it would likely be different than that because nothing in life is ever like the movies. Wrong! It was exactly like something out of a movie! See picture below: this is just a Google image but this is exactly what it was like. (don't worry, I wasn't snapping away photos all night! I thought about it though...) All the girls sat at numbered tables and that was our permanent spot for the evening; the boys moved every 7 minutes when the host rang the bell. (seriously, straight from a movie scene!!)

It was held at The Edge Social Grill & Bar which is right on Granville street. I'd never been there but it was actually quite nice inside! We had some white wine sangria prior to beginning the evening and it was delicious. I'd go back there just for some drinks for sure! The event was held in a separate room they had that I guess they rent out for things like this or separate parties or whatnot.

Prior to going, I had googled some questions to ask during speed dating, just out of curiosity to be prepared! (read them, some are pretty funny/random/definitely wouldn't ask!) But, as things like this go, it's waaaay easier to make conversation on the fly rather than ask a series of questions like a job interview. I definitely wasn't nervous because I think I am a pretty decent conversationalist, but I was just curious as to what kind of things to talk about without repeating myself and asking the exact same questions to every single guy! I tried to be creative but who knows, maybe it worked maybe it didn't!

So, the way the whole thing works in terms of "matches" is that you get a card at the beginning where you write your own name on the top and then each of your "dates" names in an ordered list. Then, there is a box to tick either "yes" or "no" meaning you either want to see/contact this person after the evening or you do not. You then hand this card in to the host who then will email everyone saying who our "matches" were; meaning we both checked the "yes" column and will be given each others email address. 

Amanda & I made sure we didn't sit too close to each other so that we couldn't make eye contact, nudge each other and giggle the whole time. So, we both went on 16 "mini-dates" and they were each 7 minutes long. There were definitely some cool people there & I would say overall that it was a really great experience!! The host reiterates at the beginning that you don't necessarily have to be in love with these people, but it's just a good chance to meet new people and even just make new friends. That was a nice reassurance before it all started.

Amanda & I were discussing it after and we were proud of ourselves for trying something new. I like to think that I am open to trying new things and will try most things once; just to at least say I have experienced them. I think that's important in life to do things that you wouldn't normally do & expand your comfort zone. If you don't try new things, how do you learn & grow into the person that you can be?!

Lastly, we paid $24 for this with the Groupon that was regularly $70 but I don't think I'd pay that much for it in the future. Maybe if it included dinner or a drink or something, sure, but the payment is simply for the event which I don't necessarily think any more than $24 is worth it. But I guess the flip side of that is that there would likely be people signing up for the events that aren't super gung ho about it which would defeat the whole purpose of having them!

Anywho, that's my debrief on the evening for my dear blog readers :) I will gladly answer any questions if you are curious!! haha! (I was SO curious of how it all worked prior to going!)


  1. Awesome!! If I was single I would've gone for sure...just fun to try new experiences! Thanks for sharing!!


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