Saturday, April 27, 2013

taking back saturdays

Yay, little sister is out of the hospital! She came home Thursday afternoon, and just has to go to the Jim Pattison outpatient clinic for a few days to get her antibiotics via IV. She sees a doctor on Monday when she goes and he will update her on her status regarding if she needs more antibiotics or what the plan is from there. She definitely seems better; more energy and a bit more color back in her face, but she's definitely not 100% yet. She is in her friends wedding party next Friday as well as has to write all her finals this week (that she missed) so hopefully she continues to improve!!! She has been quite a trooper with the amount of needles, IV's and medications she has been on...

She will probably kill me for putting this photo on, but this was her for the past week in the hospital...she barely spoke the entire time we were all there!

Her personal drug counter

I took her on a quick venture into the world on Thursday night! We went to the mall for about 20 minutes.
Today is Saturday and I am not working. That is the wildest thing in the entire world!! I have worked Tuesday to Saturday for probably the past six years; and am now working Monday to Friday at my new job. I really didn't mind my Tuesday to Saturday schedule, because I enjoyed being off on Mondays when everyone else was going back to work, but I am kinda liking being off work when the rest of the world is off work!! My schedule at the Y was always such a gong show; so I am excited to have a "regular" schedule now. Yay for taking back Saturdays!!

Since my week has consisted of working until 5, going straight to the hospital, then going home to bed around 11/12, I haven't had much time to read my usual blogs, newspapers, websites and such...but that's what I've been up to this morning! I have some lovely fun things from around the web for you below. Happy reading and happy weekend!!

Saw this job posting...a new Browns location!! Yay! 

A mac-n-cheese recipe with potato chips; a grandma's macaroni imposter!

Ramp pizza (ramps are wild leeks - who knew!)

Hahaha, a funny article on JCPenny's CEO severance package (via the Onion of course)

Anatomy of a cheese plate (Lindsay sent this to me a few weeks back! We've upped our nacho night to cheese platters lately...fancy hey?)

One man's story about quitting his Wall Street job to work at a restaurant...

The McDonalds menu is getting 3 new items in hopes of getting sales up (they were down 1.2% this year)

The sarcastic answers Siri was programmed with

A video: what $5 gets you in food around the world

Defining your personal core values

Facebook headquarters new park on its roof (coming soon!)

Have you guys seen the new Kool Aid commercial?! I laughed SO hard!! Sadly I can't find it online...but I will keep looking! Read about it here for now :)

Some weekend inspiration:

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