Thursday, April 11, 2013

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The 3 things you probably didn't know about social media... (I didn't know any of them & I thought I was quite up to speed on my social media knowledge!!)

The 10 richest sporting events in the world (I was shocked that soccer is 4 of the 10! Who knew!)

Oh my gosh - I thought this article & its concept was so fascinating. Should we start charging people to send us emails? I really don't know how realistic this whole thing is, but I 100% understand the notion behind it. It is so challenging to do everything that is on a regular to-do list at work let alone deal with the millions of emails that are constantly coming to your attention & require an action. Even if it's just a reply with your opinion or thoughts, it is still time consuming, but is it likely still necessary for your job or for the company? Definitely not always! If you read the article, let me know yours thoughts. I am so intrigued by this whole thing.

A beautiful article (warning: slightly long!) with an interesting perspective on the world of spices.  (seen in this blog post!)

Check out the new HootSuite office! Fancy!

Motorhomes in this day & age: this one is $1.9  million...what the heck!! Seen via the article on the Globe & Mail entitled "How to vacation like the Queen" (which I naturally was drawn to...)

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