Saturday, May 18, 2013

home sweet home

I am back home now after house sitting for two weeks - hooray! There is nothing so great as your own bed. And not having cat hair all over EVERYTHING.... :)

Who else is excited that it is a long weekend!? I don't really have a whole lot of plans which I am kind of excited for. I might hit up the rodeo tonight! I had big plans to sleep in today, but as I have mentioned before, I am getting old and that doesn't happen very easily anymore. I was up at 7:30, and then fell back asleep until 9 or so. Oh well, more time to do things I guess! (I then proceeded to do a few loads of laundry, make my bed, scrub the bathroom, and make breakfast for my fam. Oh and drank some coffee.)

Lil' sis  & I went on a date: sushi dinner & Target!

I was trying to get a cute photo of Scrappy & I didn't work well! Regardless, he's pretty cute though.

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