Monday, May 20, 2013

may long weekend

Who doesn't love an extra day off work?! That's the secret ingredient of a super fun weekend I think. Oh, and having two pretty awesome siblings adds in there well!

Saturday night was rodeo night. My brother & sister had already been on Friday night, but knew a bunch of people who were going Saturday as well so off we went. The rodeo is usually fun because there are so many people there that we run into. The only bummer was waiting in line for almost two hours...good thing we went relatively early!

The siblings & I ready to rock the rodeo

Amanda, lil' sis & I in the line up (at least it wasn't raining!!)

Pants & his cowboy friend Tyler

Then, randomly on Sunday afternoon, we were sitting around discussing what to do Sunday night. The rodeo was an option (haha) but we decided to make a very, very, improptu camping adventure! Now, let me get this straight: I'm not much of a camper. Like, not at all. However, I decided I could do a one-nighter! I've been camping a few times in my day, but in all seriousness, not a whole lot about camping is appealing to me. Especially without a lake or the ocean. I mean, it's dirty, scary sometimes, dirty, and did I mention dirty? I just like all my things to be in order and to be clean. And sleeping in a tent is NOT comfortable no matter how many blown up mattresses you are sleeping on. Alas, I went and did well! It was myself, my brother, my sister, Amanda and our friend Spencer. Pants had this cool spot he had been to before past Hope that was by an old gold mine, so that's where we were headed. We 4x4'd up a giant mountain, and as we neared the spot he wanted to go to, we spotted SNOW! And not a little bit - feet of snow! So, we couldn't go to Pant's cool spot; but we found another that still had snow nearby. We ate hot dogs, made a campfire, shot a pellet gun, and slept on the ground. Hardcore camping if you ask me!! And it was actually quite enjoyable :)

Pants driving up the mountain - it was SO bumpy!

...aaaaand there's the snow...

...aaaand here's snow all over the path we needed to drive on! The boys were assessing if it was feasible to drive through or not. They decided it was not.

(we were slightly worried about the snow...)

Fun colored camping chairs

Amanda & lil sis set up the tent...

...while Pants & Spencer made a fire. I was being the photographer, obviously!

Pants brought his pellet gun & we shot beer cans. None of us were very good except for Pants. Figures.
His truck was prettttttty dirty!

Mmmm...veggie dogs!! (accompanied with a pickle)

Pant's truck at dusk.

Our fire that kept us warm. Until we had to go to bed...then it was FREEZING. Us gals snuggled intensely in our tent - we had to!

This was the lovely morning we woke up to.

Not sure if you can see, but the white in the very middle of the photo is the freeway! We were quite high up in the mountains...we had bear-scare tactics, don't worry.

And to wrap up the weekend, our family went to Stanley Park today for a walk/run and some dinner. My dad & lil' sis ran the majority of the sea wall while the rest of us (me, my momma, Pants & Emma) walked about 3 kilometres. We met up at the end and went downtown to get donairs and poutine. So delicious! We really wanted to find a food truck & be adventurous but there were barely any open to today - weird hey?

Dad & lil' sis runnin' along

Mom & Emma at the water

Emma's fur was blowing in the wind...we thought it was warmer out; but it was pretty windy!

My mom & Pants. He was picture-d out after the weekend! Fair enough...

And that concludes what I did this weekend. All in all, lots of adventures & fun times! Now, I think I need to go to bed early and rest this ol' back of mine. It was painful sleeping on rocks last night. In the Arctic air...

What did YOU do this weekend? Do tell! Happy back-to-work-day tomorrow!!

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