Tuesday, May 21, 2013

tuesday tidbits

It's time for fun sites with Shannon! See below :) 

First of all, congratulations to my friend Jethro for being one of the top 25 under 25 in Surrey!! (He seriously does a lot of great things with youth in the community through the Y.)

Are chopsticks killing all the trees? (I totally agree that disposable chopsticks are a waste, but carrying my own utensils with me everywhere seems a little much?)

The New York Times' word of the day today (I should try to incorporate new words more often...)

What are you doing on Sunday, October 6? Come to the Run for the Cure! (I'm on the organizing committee for the BRAND new Surrey run site!!)

Who wants to check out Spaghetei with me?! Japanese style spaghetti in Van - I'm intrigued!!

The most insane plane landings in the world! (in Saint Martin) 

Proof that it's never to late to go back to school! (too cute)

21 rules of entertaining

YUM - a Czech garlic soup recipe

And just for fun, a reminder that standing out in a crowd is not necessarily a bad thing:

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  1. Airplane beach- we would go there every st Martaan. JC