Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fort Langley

I had a dinner date with my lovely friend Nicole a few days ago and she suggested we go to a cute little place in Fort Langley for dinner. I seriously hadn't been to Fort Langley in probably six years? Seven years? I have no idea!! We figured it'd be fun to go there, plus try out a new place that was different from the usual Cactus Club's and whatnot we all too often frequent. We went to Beatniks Bistro and it was a really great little place! Our server was super helpful and kind, the atmosphere was cute and relaxing, and the food was really yummy. There weren't a ton of options food wise, especially since her and I both don't eat meat. We did sit inside for fear of it getting cold, but we both had the same thought that a small wedding would be really great on the patio and the interior of this restaurant.

We both had the yam veggie burger. Yup, it was a yam patty! Then it had avocado, onions, and garlic on the burger. I really enjoyed it! Nicole thought hers was a little dry, and I could see that too, but I did like the flavor. Plus, after eating a million veggie burgers in my life, it's nice to have some variety in one. I had my burger with the tomato basil soup (good, but not as basil-y as I would have liked) and Nicole had hers with yam fries. (she was in a yam mood!)
Afterwards, we walked through the neighborhood that is by the river. I honestly had NO idea there was such development there!! I fell in love with this little area. Nicole carried my purse for a while so I could take photos nonchalantly of people's homes since I was so enthralled. I would totally live in this little area!! (except I fear it is out of my snack bracket...) Speaking of real estate, I drive by these townhouses (that are currently being built) on my way to work every day and am also in love with them. They have the absolute prettiest view of the mountains you could ever want.

To the left of this photo is the river and a lovey tree backdrop. So pretty.

All of the gardens are immaculately kept. They are gorgeous!

I am a sucker for hydrangeas.

Condos that are directly facing the river. (well, if you purchase one on the river side of the building I guess...!)

Nicole & I testing out a selfie on her new iPhone 5!! :)

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