Monday, June 17, 2013

How was everyone's weekend? Here is a synopsis of what I did. (I feel like writing in point form right now...)

- went to the States with Amanda.
- didn't buy much.
- ate Indian food in Bellingham for dinner - not too bad actually!
- got gas in the States. So much cheaper! A full tank was about $33 for me compared to $45ish here. 

- went to my Aunty Daphne's for a family barbeque.
- they are selling their house in Coquitlam that I have known all my life and it is a little nostalgic for me!
- I asked my dad what he wanted me to make him for dinner the next day (Father's Day), and he replied, "curry." 

My daddio's side of the family - everyone was here! Even my cousin Meryl was home from Ontario for the weekend.
- went to Art Knapp with my Aunty Coralee in the morning.
- did you know this plant store sells CLOTHING?! It practically has an entire department store in there! We went to the one in PoCo and it was fantastic.
- I bought a sweater that my aunt owned it first - she is wearing it in the picture above but you can't see it sadly. It is really great and I had to have it.
- I also bought an infinity scarf that I also really love.
- I drove a friend to the airport. It was a gorgeous day for a drive!
- I slaved over a hot stove all afternoon by painstakingly ordering Indian take out for my poppa ;) (as per his curry request for dinner)
- I figured that way there was more variety anyways, plus it's so delicious and I am not necessarily a pro curry chef. He really enjoyed it PLUS he got to have leftovers for dinner tonight. Good deal if you ask me!
- Happy Father's Day daddio!! My mom decided on Mother's Day that we all had to go around the table and say what we appreciated about her. (it was semi-funny; semi-serious) She then made us do the same for our dad. It ended up being pretty comical :) Regardless, I appreciate them BOTH equal amounts any day of the year!
- I saw This Is The End with my siblings. It was super, super funny, like laugh out loud 90% of the time funny, but also equally dumb. It's about the end of the world from a bunch of Hollywood actor's point of views. Enough said. But so funny!

Amazing thing of the day: DRAKE is coming to town in September!! Remember when I saw him in concert in Arizona last year? That was fantastic.

My boy Drake.
Hope everyone has a great week!!

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    love seeing you in a skirt! so so pretty!!!
    my cuz Julie gets lots of things from Art Knapps and i've been meaning to go for about a year now...come a bit earlier today and maybe we can go on the way?!