Saturday, June 1, 2013

living the gown life

On Thursday, it was my convocation from finishing my degree in December. You are probably sick of hearing me talk about being done school, but seriously, it was such a huge part of my life for the past seven years that it really does feel incredibly great to be done.

Even though I have been actually done attending classes since November, and have had my actual degree for a few months, the ceremony felt nice to actually celebrate and formally acknowledge being done. I am not going to lie, I wasn't super gung ho about going to my convocation. I just kind of felt like I would be a bit older than everyone, and that school wasn't thaaaaat important to me. However, in retrospect, I am definitely glad I went. I have realized in the past little while that I have learned a lot of valuable life lessons from school, and I truly value the life experience I had while going.

Just in case you missed the first time I posted this ol' thang - here it is!

Let's go down my educational memory lane...

I think I had a slightly different school experience than others. First of all, I didn't decide that I even wanted to get a degree until a few years after high school, so sometimes it felt like I was a little behind comparatively. I worked a full time job at the YMCA that was pretty demanding most of the time. My work schedule was always changing due to special events or meetings. I was on-call 24/7 and got calls & text messages at all times of the day. I went on work trips randomly. I also worked another part time job for a while teaching swim instructor courses on Sundays and I housesat quite frequently. I went on trips, trips, trips, and more trips; I had major surgery, I did jury duty for three weeks, I planned several weddings...are you catching my drift here? On top of a full time job, I had full time school that FELT like a full time job, PLUS I did all the above things. Oh, and I tried to have a social life. I was insanely busy for those seven years. More than insanely busy sometimes. I remember having meltdowns where I seriously thought the world was crashing down around me and that I didn't have a single second in my life to breathe. Don't get me wrong, I loved life. But sometimes, school just pushed me over the edge a little. The thing with school is that it was always there. You always had something else to do. More reading, more studying, more was never ending. Choosing classes for your next semester was stressful, and I did more homework on Friday & Saturday nights than I ever wished to have done. One time, I was insane and took 4 courses in one semester. The last project of my final semester was a doosy. I spent so much time on that and it felt ah-maze-ing to be done it. And now, here I am, on the Kwantlen graduation roll...

(As a preface to these photos, I am fully aware how unflattering both the hat and gown are. Yikes. A note to future graduates: your hair will NOT look good when you remove your hat. Don't do it.)

Walking the stage

Like my cool new hat?

My life would not be nearly as fantastic as it is without these four!! Without sounding too cheesy, I couldn't have done everything I've done in life until now without their help. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of times I've called each and every one of them in tears over a poor mark on a midterm, or stress about a final exam. They each help in their own unique way, too. Which is why I love them so :) 

Just me hangin' out at Kwantlen with the Chancellor.

My friend Dave's sister threw him & I an after party and also made this cake. Is it not the most amazing thing you have ever seen?! She throws one great party!! It was some awesome Spier & Gorgichuk family time with friends.

I got some beautiful pink roses from my parents and a colorful arrangement with lilies from Jessica

In conclusion, I would not change anything I have done to date at all. I think that everything happens for a reason, and that if something isn't as great as you think it is, you can only choose to learn from it. School was a great learning experience, educationally and vocationally, and I hope to continue learning; just in different ways! (or in more school ways; who knows...) I thank everyone who has been super supportive of my crazy busy lifestyle - seriously, y'all know who you are! And my dear blog readers who were my anonymous support for the many, many times I complained about school, or life in general.

People kept asking me on Thursday "what's next?" And I could honestly say, I don't know!! I had a great experience working at the YMCA for the past 11 years and I like my job at BackCheck right now. I feel proud that I have a degree. But I do want to be challenged in whatever I do and want to continue to learn, so, we shall see where that takes me! Onwards and upwards from here. Care to join on the next journey?


  1. what a wonderful post shanny!! you should be SO SO proud!! that cap and gown sure suits you!! well done lovely :)