Friday, June 21, 2013

reading time!

Twitter is getting a Vancouver office! How do I apply?!

Kim & Kanye named their baby...

This is absolutely insane: A Vancouver police officer did the Grouse Grind ELEVEN times in one day for a good cause. Speaking of the Grouse Grind - my poppa did it yesterday in one hour flat! Such an athlete he is! Remember when I did it? And almost died?

A good article on cruises for food lovers. (aka my dream come true!)

I've seen this trend a few places now - getting food boxes/packages delivered? I've seen it here, here and here. 

10 fave glitter guide bedrooms

What grandmothers cook around the world  

Debating getting Netflix...

The economics of eating out 

I had a lovely coffee evening with Heidi, Binzy & Christina at Matchstick

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