Monday, June 24, 2013


Amanda & I went for a little visit yesterday to see Eliza & baby Kalan in Chilliwack. We went for a cute little nature walk by a pond near Eliza's house and topped it off with sushi for dinner. My trusty iPhone took some dashing photos if I do say so myself!

This tree was a really pretty lime green color.

Love this picture with the reflection!

Attempt #1 of all four of us on our walk...

...and attempt #2! Successful with a sleeping baby. (This was literally two seconds later - he just needed his soother!)

Kalan was so indecisive picking what to order at sushi. Geez!

The most delicious ebi sunomono salad - with a strawberry in it!

A happy bouncing Kalan! And a momma who will get a workout bouncing day in and day out :)

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