Wednesday, June 12, 2013

ten years already?

Did you know it is my ten year high school reunion this year? If that is not wild, I don't know what is! What the heck do we do?! I am part of the planning crew (self appointed/voluntary - I like to plan things!) but am afraid that it's going to be literally impossible to make a day and time that everyone can attend, which sucks. It's a little bit of a weird concept because I have pretty much everyone I graduated with on Facebook, so I feel like the "typical" purpose of a high school reunion is no longer the purpose. It's more so to have actual face-to-face interactions with people and conversations; not simply just to catch up with people. I am cracking myself up as I type this; I am making myself sound like an anti-social loser! But do you know what I mean? In "this day and age" with social media, we interact much more with people than we would have without it, which is a good thing, in my opinion!! Anywho, any suggestions of things to do? So far the though is to possibly do a barbeque on a beach in the summer or something low-key like that...

To sum up the above paragraph, I am old. Oh how I miss those high school days... your schedule was pre-planned for you, things were so black and white compared to post-high school, and every hour and a half, you got a new social circle to chat with! (oh, maybe that was just me?)

I don't have too much else to report in life these days. Tomorrow, I am going to a pub night fundraiser for work that is raising money for BC Women's Hospital. It's right after work and right down the street - so that will be fun! Oh, and I'm debating applying for this job. I wouldn't mind something part-time for evenings and/or weekends 10 - 20 hours a week on top of my current full time job. I just want something more to fill time and make me feel like I have a purpose in life! And making some extra money would be fantastic....

I thought I blogged about the garden I tried to start in our backyard a few summers ago, but I couldn't find a post on it for the life of me! Oh well. It was a garden that my Opa had started years and years ago; and then it got left alone. For an excessively long time. Like, we were talking weeds taller than me. By a long shot. I had to call in the big guns to help with those suckers. (my dad). I planted a few random things two summers ago and last summer, and lo and behold, strawberries & blueberries popped up recently! Without me even having to do a THING! Quelle surprise. 

I got a whole bowl of strawberries to eat! And blueberries are getting there.

I love our backyard. It's nice in the summer time to sit outside and lounge in. We are trying to convince my dad that we need a pool and/or hot tub...who agrees?!

ALL of the trees that are in our backyard used to be Christmas trees that we had many, many years ago. Cool hey?! We used to get live trees and then my dad would plant them. We have lived in this house for about twenty years, so some of these trees around about that age and quite big now. I like that these trees have meaning! We still get real Christmas trees now, but usually just cut ones. I don't think there is any room to plant more trees in the yard!

Happy Thursday! What's everyone up to this coming weekend?


  1. Soooo fun about your highschool reunion. Love your class. Man, facebook would make it so much easier to plan. Back in my day (ha, not that long ago!), we had to find everyone via email. We had a two day thing. Dinner the one night and then picnic at the park the next day (people could invite their spouses/kids the picnic day).
    Also, I used to live on a Christmas tree farm and we would have the option of live trees so I LOVE that you did that and they lived :)

    1. thanks for the input! i think we are going to do a picnic/bbq type thing...and just do one day. that way everyone can bring spouses and children and it's just easy! i'm sure i'll blog more about it as it is planned :)

      You used to live on a Christmas tree farm?! That's super cool!! My dad planted a few other ones in our old house too and they are huge now since they're ~30 years old. Crazy!

      Thanks for commenting - it makes my day!! (seriously!)