Monday, July 22, 2013

a lovely impromptu wedding

My friend Nicole asked me to be her date to a wedding on Saturday and I ecstatically said yes! I mean, y'all know how I love weddings. It was two of her friends from a camp she used to work at, and the couple met at camp. Since I used to work at a camp, it was very nostalgic and brought me back to my good ol' camp days. It reminded me of Christy Dawns wedding since her & I met at camp many, many moons ago. Good times! I highly recommend working/volunteering at a summer camp for all those young teens out there. I know so many people who have had very positive experiences at summer camps.

The wedding was at the gorgeous Minter Gardens in Chiliwack. Both Nicole and I had never been there so we took a little walk through it all between the wedding and reception. It's stunning there! Even just the setting with our beautiful B.C. mountains in the background was lovely. We learned that Minter Gardens is actually closing after this season, which is sad since who knows what it will turn into. It was a really, really nice venue for a wedding. The ceremony was outdoors under a cute white tent and the reception was in a conservatory building, which was mostly glass. Nicole & I decided that it was a really great wedding venue since the scenery is so gorgeous that you barely even need to decorate!

Weddings just make me really happy. I mean, I don't know these people at all, but it excites me that they are happy and that it is the start of their happy life together.

We only stayed until right after dinner (convenient, I know!) since Nicole had to catch a ferry back to the coast that evening to be with her fur child. The dinner was a yummy buffet with a barbeque. There was some delicious teriyaki salmon and even corn on the cob! It was pretty fun.

It was about an hour and a bit drive to the ceremony, so definitely not a close location for people to travel to, but it was fun for Nicole and I to do some catching up en route. And once again, I always love a good car ride with nice scenery! (a la Sicamous last weekend)

Seriously, gorgeous flowers everywhere. The photos don't do it justice!

Nicole & I naturally get attracted to anything to do with water. Must be the lifeguard in us....we sat by this fountain for a while mesmerized by the sound.

A plant gecko!

The bride and her dad walking the aisle

I love men in a good, grey suit nowadays. So summer-y and fashion forward.

A simple setting with a gorgeous background

Nicole and her friend, Sarah, the bride. We loved the wreath in her hair.

Nicole & I wandering the gardens between the ceremony and reception

The seating chart - I loved that it was a map in the background!! (Nicole & I were table 11)

Super sweet - pictures of their parents and grandparents at their weddings.

The reception

Centerpieces - books!!!! Why didn't I think of that?! Love it!!

She had cute country quotes on chalkboards in a few locations

Nicole, the bride, and her two bridesmaids (her sister & now sister-in-law)
I know I don't even know these people, but congratulations to them!!

Speaking of weddings, Heidi's little baby brother is getting married in Australia this summer. By baby brother, I mean 26 years old, but that's still a baby brother in my opinion! Heidi is throwing a reception here for Grant & his bride at the Surrey Nature Center later this month which I am sure will be nothing less than fabulous due to her decor skills. I am excited for that too!

PS - check out my wedding Pinterest page...

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