Thursday, July 4, 2013


How to make whipped feta. (as seen on A Cup of Jo). I need to do this. I love it. So ingenious! And likely very, very tasty.

Wedding alert! Top trends for 2013. (Alcohol of the year - tequila!)

Boulevard Casino is being turned into a Hard Rock Casino late 2013

Floral ice cubes. So pretty!

Pre-boxed gifts that come to your special someone's door. At quite the cost...

A solid guacamole recipe. (I usually just make it on the fly - and LOVE garlic & cilantro in mine)

Classic sculptures dressed as hipsters. Awesome. 

Dumpling recipe. I want to try these!

...Last but not least, Happy 4th of July. Here are 15 good renditions of the American anthem.

Happy Friday!

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