Wednesday, July 24, 2013

furry friends

Remember Buster & Benji? They are my furry friends for the next few weeks! They are super cute and cuddly. They sleep with me and it's kinda nice to have them to snuggle with. The only downfall is that they like to be DIRECTLY beside me in bed so I end up getting pushed to the very edge somehow...



Just the 3 of us chillin' on the couch

So, the right is where I sleep. This is seriously what I woke up to. I was practically falling off the bed!!

They keep a very pretty garden! I water it daily for fear of them coming home to a bunch of ugly dead plants.

See? So gorgeous!! I have no green I will be lucky to keep these suckers alive.
In other news,  the Royal Baby is here AND he has a name!!(George, FYI) I feel like I barely need to blog about it since it's already all over everywhere and you all are probably sick of hearing about it. I feel like it was just yesterday that my invitation to their wedding got lost in the mail...

I love how Kate wore blue polka dots, just like Diana did when William was born. Pretty sweet! (albeit - was she told to wear that? Who dresses her and does her fabulous hair and make up? Anyone?)

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope this is where you all are at in life:

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