Tuesday, July 2, 2013

loooooong weekend

Who doesn't love a long weekend?

Here are some snapshots of what I got up to this long weekend. Not pictured is the TWO HOUR walk I went on on Sunday afternoon. That was a super silly idea. It was exhausting. It was good, and good to be outside in the sun, but holy moly. Did. I. Ever. Sweat. It's good for the pores, right?!

Amanda & I spent Saturday afternoon partaking in our favorite pastime: dingying. 'Twas gorgeous!

Then we topped of our favorite pastime with our favorite drinks at our favorite restaurant.

Amanda had a Canada Day party. We tried to have only red & white food, to be patriotic, but that's much easier said than done!

Can you tell how hot we both are?? Haha!

We played some card games with Amanda's Little Mermaid cards...the boys got a kick out of that.
And a few interesting things for you to investigate if you are bored... 
Hm - a pear nectar & thyme mimosa could be tasty & refreshing?
Sushi donuts! Cute.

I've blogged about Kid President and his inspirational speeches before, and now he is interviewing Steve Carell. Too funny!
Cultas Lake had this boating safety reminder in the lake apparently this weekend. I didn't see it, but heard about it on the radio. A bit of an intense reminder, but a good reminder nonetheless....be safe in, on, and around the water!!
So sad - a Cirque de Soleil performer died during a show this past weekend in Vegas. It is so terrible, but at the rate these people fly and climb all the over the place, I am surprised serious injuries don't have more often.

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