Wednesday, August 7, 2013

hello world...'s me, Shannon! Missed me?!

Yay for long weekends! I love the feeling of having SO much time to do whatever you want and actually feel relaxed. I did lots this week! I finished house/dog sitting my buddies Buster & Benji, I saw the fireworks on Saturday, and I went to the Mariners vs. Blue Jays game on Sunday in Seattle with my fam. Twas super fun! The garlic fries are a big selling point of bringing me to a baseball game...
My little sister is off to Vegas tomorrow morning. It's kinda weird; she's never really been on a trip without any of us family members! (let alone to Vegas...) She is a smart cookie so she will be ok. (hopefully...) My brother is also away this weekend in Calgary to play in a baseball tournament. So, looks like it's just the roommates & I around here this weekend!! (read: parents)

My bestie Binzy is getting surgery tomorrow - GOOD LUCK BUDDY!!!!! We will be having some major hospital/house parties if anyone is interested in joining. I'll update with a hospital room number tomorrow morning. (kidding!) xoxo

This is a super cute article entitled "How Do You Decide Who To Marry" according to children - so funny! My sister thought Amanda & I would get a kick out of it. Speaking of Amanda, she just got back from a major adventure to Spain, Morocco, & Ghana! Pretty fun hearing about her adventures. I am stealing a photo from her Facebook album to put here! This is in Morocco at a mosque - the third largest in the world!!

Happy short work week everyone!!


  1. I've finally caught up on your blog :) I'm so glad you've kept it up ( I know hard it is to keep it up sometimes). Sounds like you've had a nice summer so far. We'll get together soon!

    1. ELIZA! Hi :) I've missed you. Yes, let's please do get together soon! xo