Monday, August 12, 2013

things things things

Since I know you have all oh-so-dearly missed my 'thing posts', here is a doozy for you! (Is that work even in the dictionary? Is that how it's spelled?!)

'How Blackberry Fell' (you know my opinions on's been falling for a loooong time!) (Also, a more analytical, financial, and realistic article here. Could IBM be a buyer?!)

A concise, mathematically formulated method to know how much alcohol you need at your wedding (married people - how accurate is this?!)

How happiness is defined by some well known women (I can't pick just one I agree with!)

All we know about the Royal Baby's nursery (and some suggestions for them!)

Carmelized onion, gruyere, and bacon pizza whole wheat crust. YUM. (sans bacon pour moi...)

I am going to see Hamlet this Friday at Bard on the Beach - SO SO SO excited! Have you been?

Have you heard of Joe's Table Cafe in Burnaby? I want to go! Such a positive, great, idea!

I went for a drive to Burnaby Mountain on Thursday - it seriously has the most gorgeous view of the water AND the city.

Jack & I at our makeshift "high school reunion"!

I love the corner store in Kits with all the gorgeous fresh flowers. I don't even know what the corner store is called?! We walked to get sushi for lunch and I was tempted to buy some random flowers for myself. I am such a girl - I adore flowers.

Sunset at Kits beach

The whole 6% of our graduating class...long story. The reunion was cancelled. I don't want to talk about it!! (haha)


Have a great week everyone :)