Monday, August 26, 2013

where to start?!

The grass is always greener on the other side hey?

On one hand, I feel like when I don't blog for a while it's fun because I have substantial things to talk about. On the other hand, it almost feels like too much and then certain things don't get the proper credit they should!

Remember my bucket list?  I think the next thing off there that I'd like to do sooner than later is acquire a nice camera and learn to take decent photos. (Maybe this lovely lady can help me...) I feel like I take a lot of photos and end up putting them here, on Instragram, Facebook, and wherever else, and they are fine, but not amazing. I mean, I don't know how realistic it is that I will end up keeping said decent camera with me at all times to use to its full potential, but it would be nice to have the option I think.

Below is Emma in our backyard. We apparently have moles, and this silly girl has taken it upon herself to stick her head in the holes and growl. She ends up with dirt ALL over her face and in turn, it ends up all over the house. A Spier household disaster. My dad has had to do some "fancy" covering up of the holes.

I don't even know if I mentioned that my little sister bought a new car? It was about a month ago - I apologize that I didn't blog about it sooner!! She had her beloved green machine until, um, a slight boo-boo earlier this year. RIP green machine. This is her Volkswagen City Golf! We all know I have a soft spot for VW's...remember my GTI? My favorite thing about little sisters car is that is has SEAT WARMERS! HOORAY FOR WINTER!

Last Sunday, we went to a family dinner at the Vancouver Golf Club with my momma's side of the family since we had some extended family in from England. My grandpa's cousin's son (Phillip), his wife, and their three children were visiting from there. I apparently met Phillip when I was three, the last time he was here, and he told me I looked much different since then. It was really cool to meet family that I have never met! Little sister and I now want to go on a vacay to England. How fun would that be?! We took a large family photo on my uncle's camera which would have been much better to post, but once I have that I will upload it here. For now, my siblings and I will have to do.

It happened to be a certain brother of mine's birthday the same day we went for dinner above. We joked that we planned it for him...but we definitely didn't! Lucky kid got an amazing, fancy, buffet dinner!! I love eating at the golf club. We always have family dinners there with my grandparents and it's always good. This time, there was also sushi!! I was in heaven. And, it was really yummy sushi to boot. I wanted to take photos of my dinner so badly but figured it wasn't really the most appropriate setting. Sorry!!

After dinner, we went to Browns for some drinks with a bunch of friends to celebrate Pant's birthday. He is 24! Wild hey. It makes me feel so old every time my baby siblings age another year. Below is the cake Jessica made for him, an adorable turtle. (some sort of inside joke...) Bonus: it tasted amazing too. It was mint. Good job Jessica!

In typical Indian style, she fed him the first bite of cake.

Last week, my friend Christy-Dawn and her husband Jesse bought a HOUSE! I am very, very excited for them. Plus, this means they have more bedrooms to fill now!! Yay! They had me over for dinner on Thursday. Jesse is quite the cook I must say. This was their first time eating at their dining room table. I felt so special!

Jesse made yellow shrimp thai curry that was to die for. It was accompanied with basil rice and a yummy chopped salad that Christy-Dawn made. It was a really fun evening! Their house is really, really great. It has nice big windows, a ground level entry AND a lower level entry, and a fantastic master bathroom.

I loved these two cookbooks at their house. I think the color alone of the Spain cookbook is fantastic, and well, I am in love with cookbooks and cooking.

I went to Bard on the Beach on Saturday night and saw Hamlet. Guess what? Going to Bard on the Beach was on my bucket list! I love being able to cross things off that list. The play was really entertaining. I was slightly disappointed since it said it was set in the 21st century, so I wrongly assumed it would not be in Shakespearean old English. It was. It was fine, but it just makes it a little challenging to fully comprehend what is happening. I really enjoyed doing something different though, as opposed to seeing a movie on a Saturday night. It was a fun date night :)

My sister sent me the below funny e-card. Here is to my fellow clean freaks! True Spiers, I know you all understand this...

Last but not least, this lovely thing was my best friend last week. (hint: it's my headset at work) There was a typhoon in Manila and a lot of people weren't able to get to work, which meant there was lots of overtime to be worked. I worked ten hour days pretty much all week. It was busy and I was tired, but I made some extra monies which I was definitely okay with. Oh, and my trail mix snack made it into the photo.

What does everyone have planned for this week? What about the long weekend? Happy Monday!

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