Thursday, September 5, 2013

a thing post

My friend Nicole sent me this: 800 random questions to ask yourself or others (she was more entertained by people's comments beneath the questions!)

30 things you should stop doing (Do you do these? I do a lot of them...) (this is courtesy of my friend Amanda's Facebook post)

My brother's favorite commercial right now (he literally falls off the couch laughing)

I had lunch at White Spot yesterday and had the tandoori cauliflower quinoa salad - a must have! It had cauliflower, quinoa, almonds, edamame, and grapes. Highly recommend trying it! 

I'm scheduled to donate blood on September 11th - are you a blood donor?

Check out my friend Sam's marriage proposal video! He was a missionary in Colombia and met his fiancee there. He also learned to speak Spanish there. He is a great guy!! 

Guildford Mall is officially FANTASTIC.  Have you been?

Cops and social media faux pas

My friend Garth did the Ironman last weekend in Penticton and blogged about it here. How nuts is he? 

Remember boy band Hanson? Here is what they are up to now!


  1. I love these posts:)
    I need to check out Guildford Mall!
    Yay for you donating blood soon! You're awesome.

    1. Thanks for commenting!!!! I actually ended up switching my appointment to next week (or the week after? can't remember!) but am definitely still donating :)