Monday, September 23, 2013

around the 'net

Hello to the start of the week! I had the day off today for an appointment I had earlier and it brought me back to my Monday day off's. Remember the good ol' days?! I used to be able to go to the mall, the dentist, the states, the grocery store, or the bank so easily! Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy (and prefer) working Monday to Friday with the rest of the world, but there was definitely something to be said for working Tuesday to Saturday. Today I did a bunch of errands after my appointment and then made some chilli for dinner. My parents are still away on their fancy schmancy cruise and I realized I have a hard time cooking in small quantities. Whoops! Chilli anyone?!

I saw this on Kid Carson's Instagram page, and thought this was very applicable for life in general:

Maslow ain't got nothin' on wi-fi

Heidi, Lindsay & I had our usual nacho night last week. This batch seemed extra good so they were photo-worthy. We always have a good time. This time, we let Tim join in; who got quite a kick out of our girly chat I think!

The lovely orange rose Edwin bought me last weekend! I am such a girly girl and think that flowers are so classically romantic. Love it!!

Have you heard about Blackberry these days?? Here's the latest!! As for iPhones...

...according to one article, they didn't sell as many of the new 5S's and 5C's as expected when they came out!

These are amazing/hilarious - 20 tips to make parenting easier

Edwin & I saw this movie on Friday night - definitely worth seeing! It is long though - beware.

Awkward Google street view photos - too funny

Hope everyone has a lovely week!


  1. Not sure how to comment on Edwin...I want to say something like `Yay!' and `Lovely flowers!'.

    1. Haha thanks for commenting!!! I also didn't know how to put on my blog that I am dating someone...kinda awkward?! But it's great and I really like him :)

    2. I hear ya! Awesome, I'm so happy for you :)