Saturday, September 14, 2013

First of all, I really apologize as I have been lacking in my blogging these days!!

Second of all, most importantly, it was my Grandpa's 89th birthday on Wednesday, September 11th and I also apologize for blogging late on that. Sorry gramps!! Did you know my grandpa is one of my biggest blog fans? I love that he reads it! Also, I just learned that he is turtle-sitting for my uncle. Grandpa, you are stealing my house and pet sitting business!! :) I hope you had a great birthday and shared some birthday cake with the turtle! xoxo

Thirdly, let's chat weather. Is anyone else constantly sweaty these days? It's driving me crazy! I am so ready for some clouds and rain. I mean, I like the sun and warmth for sure, but I hate trying to straighten my hair or put on makeup when I am dripping in sweat. Gross, I know, but I am ready for less heat for sure!! How about you??

Moving forward from my are some pictures of what I have been up to lately. Hint: there may be a photo of the new boy in my life...look carefully!

I am done living with my cousin Bailey for now. Isn't this a cute photo of him?!

I found this gem of a photo on my aunt's bulletin board. Boy, does this photo have quite a story behind it! Left to right: Me, Aunty Coralee, my brother, my sister, and my cousins Steven and Kristin. This was probably 15 years ago? I have no idea! We were in Osoyoos and went on a banana boat adventure. There mayyyy have been an incident with my aunt falling off said banana boat...and not being able to get back on...

Amanda and I went for sushi at Applause on Oak in Vancouver. It was yummy!! On the left, I tried a new roll. It was smoked salmon and mango, with a soy paper roll instead of seaweed. It didn't really have a huge taste to it; and I'm not sure what the difference is from getting seaweed to soy...I guess if you don't like seaweed you get soy?! Who knows! It was an experiment :) I love, love, love sushi.

Kalan is getting cuter than ever! Look at those blue eyes and that blonde hair. Love him!

Meet Edwin! We went to the PNE for the day. So much fun! Reminded me of my childhood!

This was the only ride we went on - the classic wooden roller coaster!

You can't go to the PNE without having mini donuts. That would be a crime.

I watched Jack last week for an evening. We had some good bonding time! We played with blocks, went to the park, drank a bottle. Ya know, 11 month old things that were pretty darn fun!

Look at that smile and those teeth!!! (his...not mine...!)

He loved being on the swing. It was so adorable! I could have taken a hundred photos but decided I would spend quality time with him instead of snap away photos. (I still ended up taking a few...haha! How could you not?! He's too cute!) Oh, and Heidi warned me that he might be cranky...he was an ANGEL!! It was great!

And, because I can't resist, some fun things for you to read about:

An apartment where rent is based on your weight...

The science-guy behind the Big Bang Theory (love this show!!)

I'm in major lust for the new gold iPhone.

It's a movie from 2011, but I just watched it yesterday and it's a good one - Unknown

I just watched the show about Candy Spelling's new house ("Manor in the Sky") and boy, a $35 million dollar penthouse is pretty darn nice! She definitely has money to spend...

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  1. Love that pic of Bailey, are there more? Thanks for the mention of the banana boat incident. Cute picture though. Like how my copy of the picture was scribbled on by a small boy in this house?