Sunday, September 1, 2013

it's september already?

We all know how much I love a good wedding event...yes? Well, yesterday Heidi threw her brother Grant a wedding reception in her parents backyard and it was seriously one of the prettiest and most organized events I have ever seen. That girl had some planning talent; that's for sure!! Her brother got married in Australia, where he has been living for the past five years? Six years? It's been a while! He met his new wifey there, Micah, and they are now here for the wedding reception that was yesterday plus a honeymoon in Whistler. I wish I would have taken more photos yesterday!! I thought I did, but apparently they were all of Jack...whoops! Micah wore her wedding dress and it was gorgeous. It was slightly vintage, with lace cap sleeves, and a satin material. So gorgeous!

The entry to the reception - a recipe box, date of their wedding, a globe, and luggage. It also had strings of photos hanging above it.

Jack likes to eat lemons! Who knew?! (this was after his aunt's fed him ice cream...isn't that what aunt's are for?!)

This kid is way too cute. Look at those little feet!!!

If you look closely at Jack's shirt, it's covered in watermelon. Another aunt-happening. Whoops.

Playing with aunty Lindsay while we were attempting to change his diaper.

This is me and my cousin Bailey! I am hangin' with him for the week.

Lindsay and I went to the new Victoria's Secret on Robson st. downtown Vancouver - it is HUGE! It's crazy. I mean, same stuff as any other Victoria's Secret, but cool that we have one here now.

What is everyone up to this long weekend? Who doesn't love an extra day tacked onto the weekend?! I am going to take advantage of my aunt's pool whilst I am here & do some sun tanning. Then, I am having dinner with my parents later & maybe the PNE tomorrow! Happy weekend!

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  1. aw you are so sweet! YOU guys were the best HELP EVER!!!! go team set up and team Jack! ;) xoxo