Friday, September 27, 2013

thankful thursdays...

...on Friday. I am only a day late. Next week I will try to be on time; although being timely isn't necessarily in my fashion. I think I have definitely improved over the years though!

One of my favorite blogs I read is by a high school teacher of mine. I really love blogs in general and love just hearing about peoples day to day lives. I am fascinated by how people think and what people do. So, she just started doing "thankful Thursdays" where she writes a list of ten things she is thankful for and I thought I would try it out. She has cute photos with each one...I sadly do not. Maybe next time?!

1. My laptop. My parents bought it for me when my old one was on the fritz, and therefore this is a two-parter because I am also very thankful they bought it for me! I seriously don't know what I would do without this thing. (Can you imagine?! No blog!!)

2. Hair elastics and bobby pins. I have the best of intentions all the time to wear my hair down, but it always ends up driving me nuts. Or I get hot.

3. Q-tips. Oh man, they feel so good. I just opened a new box.

4. The breaking news app on my phone. Best thing ever. Did you know gay marriage was made legal in New Jersey today?

5. The fact I don't have fake nails anymore. I do think they were pretty when they were nicely done, but they got so gross after a few weeks and were expensive to upkeep. Plus I fear they were going out of style...  I really don't love my fingernails 'as is' but I always have the option to paint them myself or get them done for special occasions.

6. Grocery stores that are NOT in the ghetto. I went to the Safeway on 104 and King George today to fill a prescription for Edwin (who just got his wisdom teeth taken out) and it was so sketchy in there. I had to use the washroom, which was probably not the brightest idea I`ve ever had. Gross. There were also quite the characters in really made me appreciate the Nester`s Market in Fraser Heights.

7. My 6 foot iPhone wall charger. Best invention ever. I can lay in bed and text until the cows come home! (a normal iPhone cord is 3 feet)

8. Eggs. I wish I could eat them all the time. I really love them and their versatility! I also wish I had the time to make them for breakfast every day. My sister makes scrambled egg whites with shredded yams for breaky sometimes and it's so good! (and healthy)

9. The fact that my drive to work is not even 10 minutes. That is very convenient since I will be working 6 am - 2 pm starting this Monday... I'm trying very, very hard to be positive about it!

Umm...I am struggling for a 10th one! Which means I think I will stop since I don't want to make up something simply for the fact of making up something. Maybe I should seriously start keeping a running tally of things in my phone so that if I do this again, I won't be sitting here trying to think of things. They will be things that I actually have appreciated in the moment! Kid Caron on Sonic (radio station) was talking about a gratitude journal recently. Not a bad idea!

What are "the little things" you are grateful for? 


  1. Shannon, I think from this point on you must refer to me as a friend and not your old high school makes me feel like I'm 100 :)
    And....I never thought about it but def. thankful for hair elastics as I often have good intentions.
    And ya, I just jot things down on my phone when I think of them. I hope you keep it up! It's fun to read:)

    1. Hahaha it makes me feel a little old too thinking back on high school!! That was over 10 years wild...!!

      I enjoy the list! I missed this past Thursday so maybe I won't do it every week; but just when I accumulate enough "good" things to post about!

  2. I always have the best intentions to blog and never do. Maybe Thankful Thursdays will be good inspiration for me?