Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a thing post

This movie is a MUST SEE right now! (I might also buy the book to read after seeing the movie)

...and another book I may buy to read soon seeing as I recently saw The Shining

"easy peasy" broccoli soup recipe

A Shannon favorite: the business story behind sriracha sauce

22 ways your best friend is actually your partner 

This year was the best cranberry crop in BC in a while! 

A perfect book for every personality type (don't know yours?! Read more here! I'm an ESFJ - not surprising)

pesto spaghetti squash recipe...

...and a butternut squash pasta sauce recipe!

...one more pasta idea: beet sauce. YUM. 

A Burnaby photographer wins a pretty cool award - my sister goes to school with him! 

How one woman got engaged with 300 sandwiches 

A fancy Hollywood engagement 

And last but NOT least...did you know my crazy/crazy athletic dad did the Surrey half marathon a few weekends ago?! Impressive hey!!

My dad, uncle Glenn, and aunty Soraya at the finish line! Such an athletic family I have :)

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