Sunday, October 6, 2013

happy birthday!! (x 2)

I have two favorite gals in my life to wish happy birthday to - one was at the end of September and one was today. (Christy-Dawn, I apologize for the late birthday post!!)

As a disclaimer, I am fully aware that the majority of my blog posts involve food. It's just such a social thing!! And so yummy. And a fun topic to blog about.

Last weekend I celebrated with Christy-Dawn and her family by going for dinner to the most fantastic, authentic pizza place EVER called Via Tevere Pizzeria in Vancouver. I seriously felt like I was in Italy the entire time. (I've never been to Italy, I know, but just trust me on this one guys! haha) The food was amazing (descriptions will follow with photos) and it was super fun to spend time with Christy-Dawn and her husband and her brother and his wife with their adorable baby Kaelyn. So much fun! I love how they count me as part of their family. Happy birthday Christy-Dawn!!!

Appetizers: meatballs and an antipasto platter (that included cheeses to die for)

The kitchen in the middle of it all! I really need to try to take better pictures of cool things. The giant pizza over was directly to the left of this and it would have been a good photo. Kaelyn loved watching them make the pizzas!

Christy-Dawn's pizza: margherita with proscittuo. The pizza dough was light and fluffy and the cheese was fresh mozzarella.

My pizza: mushroom with argula. They put flavored olive oil at your table. One was basil infused and one was a spicy olive oil. I ended up using both! They were both really yummy.

Me, Kaelyn, and Christy-Dawn (we took this photo about 12 times...)

The dessert sampler. That donut in the middle you see? Superb. I could have eaten 17 of them. They tasted like a mini donut from the PNE mixed with a hint of fruity and chocolate.

We went back to Christy-Dawn's house after to hang out (their fantastic new house I mentioned to you all a few months back!) and Kaelyn decided the ice cubes were her favorite snack! Too cute she is.

Aaaaand today is my momma's birthday!!! We went for a family lunch today to Original Joe's and everyone was there! It's always nice when all of us are able to get together since that can be a challenging task these days with everyone's schedules. My parents just got back from a two week vacation where they cruised the Caribbean and then spent some time in Florida, so after lunch we had a picture presentation of their trip. It looked beautiful AND they even swam with sting rays! It was pretty neat looking.

PS - remember the amazing falafel burger I had from Original Joe's in Kamloops?  I was so incredibly disappointed to find out that it was just a seasonal menu item!!!! I really loved it. I don't think their normal veggie burger is very flavorful so I got a wrap today with soy chicken which wasn't bad. I do really appreciate when places have vegetarian substitutes! 

I am glad we were able to take a girls photo of us today - love my mom and my sis to bits!!
Happy birthday momma bear - love you lots!! xoxo

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