Tuesday, October 29, 2013

happy tuesday!

Below are some Shannon-approved internet readings :) 

How animals sound in 14 different languages

I may have to try these masala veggie burgers from Trader Joes - always in the market for a new, yummy veggie burger! 

How the world shops for groceries (I really enjoy grocery shopping actually!) 

The "two pizza" rule of meetings from Amazon's CEO

Interview questions from Netflix

Guess what concert I am going to on Thursday! So excited!

Mmmm. Crab cakes. (my list entitled "things to make" in my phone seriously never stops shrinking!) (also - crab cakes as burgers! Fabulous idea!)

And last but definitely not least, Edwin and I went to the pumpkin patch this weekend!!! It was so much fun. We saw cute little animals, went on a hay ride, chose a pumpkin straight from the field, ate pumpkin pie, and took a million super fun photos of us! (haha) It was such a fun day! We then carved said pumpkin and it now resides with heart carved in it on Edwin's balcony.


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    1. hehehe why thanks!!! i actually really enjoyed the pumpkin patch - it made me feel like a kid again! although i feel like the next time i go i should probably bring kids with me...like everyone else there...haha