Monday, December 9, 2013

a thing post

I went to the fabulous wedding yesterday of my friend Sam from high school who married his Colombian sweetheart Margarita - read about his life here (it's quite a fascinating one, I must say!)

...and their beautifully romantic wedding song. (read the translated lyrics here)

 A great article on 'boring' men and romance as seen on one of my favorite blogs!

I made cauliflower alfredo sauce a few weeks ago for pasta - it seemed like a great idea for a healthy pasta sauce. It definitely was, but I may have added just a WEE bit too much garlic. Whoops! Now I know for next time...

There is a new lululemon CEO in town!

This is a cool reminder article. It is entitled "17 Productive Ways to Spend 5 Minutes Instead of Checking Your Email Again."

A cookbook I would love! (just looking at the cover makes me hungry...) (as seen here)

A New York artist faked falling asleep on people in the subway - see their reactions

Last but NOT least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LIL' SIS!!!! I say this every year I think, but I am seriously so lucky to have such a mature, strong, determined, sweet, and kind-hearted sister like her.  Love you Ferf!

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