Sunday, December 1, 2013


Our little furry part of the family went to doggy heaven last weekend. She had to be put down because of some complications with a surgery she had. It was very, very sad since she was always there to greet you at the door, to give you a kiss (well, lick) when you were sad, and to snuggle with you in bed. She loved car rides, chasing squirrels, walks with mom, and greenies. She is very much much missed by us, but she had a great 10.5 years of life and probably ate WAY too many treats. We like to think she had a pretty good family to live with :)

She was pretty cool when she wore her shades.

She liked to sit on my lap and blog with me.

Em and little sister having a snooze!

She always wanted to take selfies with me! We took a lot.

She loved to play in the yard with random toys.

How she preferred to do car rides...

Even she liked to roll up the rim!!

Lil sis and Emma on a trip to pick up mom from work.

Em and Pants hanging out

Puppy kisses!

Emma with JC in the office at the Y.

Emma in my old car. She missed that car too, I know it.

Her hangout spot - the window seat in the living room.

My dad had to shovel little patches in the yard the year it majorly snowed so she could walk properly outside!

Opening Christmas presents

Our last family photo. I can't imagine how many pictures she had taken of her over the years...!! We even got professional photos taken of her for my mom for her birthday one year. Such a spoiled puppy :) 

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