Friday, December 20, 2013

i'm a lucky girl

I stayed home from work today because I was sick. We are talking a gross, feverish, achy, and very not pleasant stomach flu. The good news here is that it has proven to be only 24 hours. I am on the mend now; thank goodness. My great boyfriend has turned out to be an amazing doctor. I think he also feels a little guilty that this may have come from him - oh well, we both survived! He got me pepto bismol, rubbed my back, put a heater really, really close to me (I was freezing), and made me breakfast this morning when I was finally able to eat. Another thing that makes him the best boyfriend in the world is that he bought me a new phone for Christmas!

I was making dinner on Thursday night and accidentally dropped my phone on the tile floor. The front glass smashed all over the floor and there were a bunch of cracks all over the screen. Needless to say, I was a little grumpy about it. I just felt like my phone has already been fixed by my good friend from craigslist multiple times. Plus, my contract isn't up for another year with Telus so it would be expensive to buy a whole new phone. Poor Edwin...there may have been some tears involved when I smashed my phone. I am fully aware that grumpiness may be a thing I need to work on...

Alas, it turned out he had bought me a new phone for Christmas! It's a beautiful gold iPhone 5. He knows me so well. And is so thoughful. I will stop with the mush now :)

I love the Christmas time of year. We went to my Aunty Coralees house for her annual Christmas dinner last weekend. So much fun and yummy food! Bailey was on his best behaviour.

Also, my daddio went and got our Christmas tree for the house! We are all decorated and good to go.

Edwin and I went to the Stanley Park Christmas Train a few weekends ago. You know, the weekend where it felt like -45 outside temperature-wise?! It was so so so so cold, but really fun! We got hot chocolate and churros, then wandered around to see some lights before hopping on the train.

Did you know one of my best buddies JC was in town for a short visit before her next cruise adventure?! She is such a world traveler and always has good stories for us. She is off again now!

Edwin and I hung out with Jack a few weekends ago - he is the cutest thing ever. He can also take some steps on his own now!!

I am not sure if it is because I am sick, or what my deal is, but I just saw this commercial that made me cry. Serious. And then, while reading one of my fave blogs, I came across this article that ALSO made me cry! I think they were good tears.

Anywho, I am going to continue to lay on the couch and recover. I hope everyone has a fantastic pre-Christmas weekend!!

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