Tuesday, December 31, 2013

weekend adventures

I always struggle to come up with fun, catchy, unique blog titles. I want them to be quirky and awesome, but can never come up with any that aren't simply explanatory (as seen above). My apologies in advance for my lack of creativity with them.

I have been taking lots of iPhone pictures these days on my snazzy new phone so I think that photos are my favorite option for blogging right now!

I painted my nails today at Amandas. We had a girly night involving Indian food, nail painting, and TV. You can't tell, but my ring finger nail has tiny little beads on it. It's a cool set that Amanda has from Sephora! I fear they will fall off soon, but I just need them to last until New Years, that's it! A girl likes to feel fancy on New Years once in a while.

Apparently we needed a new TV, so my dad went out and bought a ginourmous one! It's also a 'smart' TV. Apparently you can talk to it...

I did some scarf rearranging since my collection is growing! I have yet to wear my new lulu head warmer but will soon! I love it. (far right, top)

This baby is coming out with me tomorrow night when Edwin and I hit up the Boathouse for dinner. I am excited to use it!! This was a Christmas gift from my fashionista sister.

I made udon noodles for dinner last week. Its really easy and so yummy. I bought udon  noodles never having tried them, and it turns out Edwin and I eat them regularly now! This is just stir fried veggies, udon noodles, shrimp, beef (not pictured since it gets added in after for the meat-eaters), and schezuan sauce. Oh and on top, sesame seeds, cilantro, and green onions. Voila!

I also made chocolate chip banana pancakes this weekend. They made me feel like I was a kid again!

Edwin took me on an adventure to his alma mater, UBC. We went for a walk and saw where he used to live, had coffee (pictured below!) and I fell in love with the below house.

It's only $1.6 million. For a townhouse...

My coffee that is now my background and screen saver on my phone! I love this picture. Doesn't it just scream Saturday afternoon?

Edwin and I went for dinner with Christy Dawn, Jesse, Jason, Steph, and baby Kaelyn on Saturday at Via Tevere Pizzeria. You may remember when I went last time, for Christy Dawn's birthday, and fell in love with it. I raved about it all day to Edwin; he must have been sick of hearing about how excited I was to eat there again! This was his pizza. I think his review on it was pretty good actually, even with all my hype about it!

This was my pizza (front) and Christy Dawn's pizza (back). To. Die. For. It's so different than the regular pizza joint. It's authentic (well, I think it is...), light, and full of flavor. And full of basil. What's not to love? Plus, I like the exclusivity of the place since it gets so busy. It is almost like the Anton's of pizza. You have to wait in line outside. We got there early and were first in line around 4:30 pm for when they opened at 5 pm.

Oh, and this donut? You won't find a better one in town.

Baby Kaelyn and I hung out for a while. She was adorable, as usual.

Saturday night we took up some reading! I think I had blogged previously that I just hadn't been into reading too much lately and I didn't know why. I still don't know why, but I got the Captain Phillips book for Christmas and am loving it. I saw the movie a few months ago and had to read the book since we all know that books are better than movies!! Edwin and I read on the couch for at least 90 minutes on Saturday. It was very relaxing and refreshing.

My new cookbook I got for Christmas!! There are some recipes that look amazingly delicious in it, including...

HUEVOS RANCHEROS! (There are eggs there, they are just covered in other things...)
What is everyone up to for New Year's tomorrow? I hope it is fun, regardless of what you are doing! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! xoxo

PS - if you need some entertainment, read this foodie's blog post about her 2013 cooking fails - it's pretty hilarious!

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  1. Way too much to respond to but I need to hang up my scarves like that. Great idea! I also love udon noodles. Hope you have a great New Year's Eve! I have a feeling yours wil be a tad more exciting than mine :)