Friday, January 17, 2014

fun things

I haven't done a "thing post" in a while! So here is some entertainment for you if you are just sitting in bed on this Friday night like moi ;)

I just got a Scene card last week. Do you have one? How long does it take to accumulate things?

Amanda introduced me to Alex and Sierra from the X Factor. I like this song and especially like this song. Oh, and their audition video was super adorable.

Check out this blogger's this mantra for 2014! I like it. Simple, practical, and so good.

I made my own variation of curried vegetable soup last week. It was yummy! I had opened a HUGE can of chick peas so they had to get used somehow...I also had made a vegetable soup (with chick peas!) the night before.

This travel website is probably the coolest ever. I'd never heard of it and all of a sudden I want to go everywhere and stay in all these places!! (Fun fact: Ashton Kutcher was an original investor of the company!)

These 30 happiest facts of all time made me smile. 

Last weekend was my friend Min's stagette - she is getting married on February 8th! We had high tea at Provence Marinaside, which was really nice. I have never been to a high tea! I really enjoyed it! (keep that in mind to anyone planning my stagette in the future...haha)

Eliza, Lisa, Min (the bride-to-be!), Amanda, and me

Lisa and Amanda drinking their tea (I ordered the best kind of tea - coffee!)

Oh, and I got some major Kalan snuggles last weekend. He is so cuddly!

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