Wednesday, February 5, 2014

hello thursday

Thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday! This week has been a little on the slow side. I'm not even sure why! I am very, very ready for a long weekend. Even though this long weekend gets finished off with my bestest buddy leaving town for a bit. Let's not talk about it! My bedroom, on the other hand, has become RCMP cadet packing headquarters:

 Edwin and I went to a cool restaurant on Friday night on Hastings called El Pulgarcito. It is a Mexican and Salvadorian restaurant. We found it while attempting to find Guatemalan restaurants anywhere within driving distance. Did you know there are NONE?! Even in Seattle. I really enjoy going to new restaurants, trying new food, and supporting small businesses like this one. It's really quite a hole in the wall, but anywhere that serves plantains are good in my books!

He had pupusas

I had shrimp enchiladas

And we shared yummy plantains!

Get ready for wedding festivities this weekend!! Min's wedding is coming up very, very quickly. Tonight was the mendhi party so we all got our hands done. I love all these cultural aspects of Indian weddings.

Last Saturday, my family all came over to Edwin's for dinner and bowling. His building has a bowling alley you can book, which is kinda the coolest thing ever. Plus, bowling makes for some super duper cool action shots. And just regular shots. I love my family!

(apparently there are hand signals for strike and spare?!)

Happy two-days-left-until-the-weekend day!!!!

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