Sunday, March 9, 2014

a weekend thing post

It's always so sad when the weekend comes to an end! As a people, we should really start pushing for 4 day work weeks. Why not?! :)

This is my new favorite song on the radio these days. How can you not be happy when you hear it?!

There is a new app to help you read super duper fast - I can read the 305 WPM but the 500 WPM goes reallllllly fast!! That would take some getting used to for sure, but if it worked, that would be kinda handy.

Have you seen this Miracle Whip commercial? Oh man, hilarious!!

Have you also seen Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel? Also hilarious! "Why are you dressed like a magician?" (my favorite part)

We are getting wine and beer in grocery stores! Yay! So convenient.

I made my own version of this soup last week. It was different as it was fairly sweet. I might not make it too often, but if you have sweet potatoes on hand, it's not bad! I like soups that are pureed like this.

I felt like going shopping last week after painstakingly falling in love with expensive sweater after expensive sweater online... so instead, I filled that void by hitting up the clearance sections at The Gap and Old Navy. I ended up buying one sweater and one shirt, as well a shirt for Edwin. And I only spent $45! Which was actually from a gift card I got for Christmas - thanks momma! I was a happy shopper.

Lastly, check out what I went to on Saturday night...

 Happy start of the week to everyone!! I hope it is great :)

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