Friday, March 28, 2014

feliz cumpleaños a mí

(I only had to google part of that title, I promise!)

Wednesday was my 29th birthday, and I totally got spoiled.

On Tuesday night, I went to Browns in White Rock with some girlfriends, accompanied by my brother and Dylan later on. I always love a good social soda and biltmore pizza. Oh and my friends! Nicole and I realized we've been celebrating our birthdays together for over ten years. That made me feel a little old. But I also got ID'd by our server, so that evened it out and made me feel young.

Amanda & I

Beautiful flowers from Harj
On Wednesday, I went to work and was pleasantly surprised by Edwin waiting at my car for me with roses! I was not expecting that at all! (He also gave me a gift card to Aritzia - anyone want to go shopping ASAP?!) We then went to the Olive Garden for dinner, and lo and behold my family also came! We ate a yummy pasta dinner, accompanied with far too many breadsticks. (Side note: I've been blabbing about the Olive Garden for about 3 solid weeks now; needless to say Edwin is a good listener and picks up on things!) My parents got me a gift certificate to a gourmet food store called Well Seasoned, which offers cooking classes AND super cool kitchen items, sauces etc. I am excited to use it!!

Roses from Edwin

Then, we went to meet the new Spier doggy, Odie! He is a rescue dog from Dogway Dog Rescue Society in Mission, so he is a little on the scruffy and scared side, but I think he's settling in quite well now that he knows how many treats he is about to get for the rest of his lifetime!

Odie & I - we are buddies now

Last night, Heidi, Lindsay, and I switched up our usual nacho night for pizza night! Heidi came up with such delicious pizza toppings (like butternut squash and sage) and we all ate to our hearts content. They got me a vegetable-of-the-day cookbook and it's amazing. You should see the images in this cookbook - it'll make you only ever want to eat vegetables in life!!

There is lots of things on the agenda for this weekend: hanging out with Odie again, seeing JC who is only home until Monday (and then off to work on a cruise ship that does AUSTRALIA!), gym, groceries, seeing Aziz Ansari at the River Rock tomorrow night, and the 2014 auto show! It will be a great weekend. What are you up to?!


  1. I also got Gary a cooking class at Well Seasoned before and he really liked it. Sounds like your birthday was celebrated very well!! Happy birthday!

    1. I'd never heard of it! I'm really excited about it. My mom said they have cool seasonings and whatnot too. I'll definitely blog about it when i go :)