Monday, March 24, 2014

pho & bubble tea

On Saturday night, Edwin and I walked to a pho restaurant near his house called All About Pho. It isn't far at all, maybe a 5 -7 minute walk, but I really like being able to walk places! It makes me feel more active plus it makes me feel like I am saving the world one less car ride at a time.

Fun fact: this restaurant used to be a 7-11! I remember coming here for slurpees not that long ago; maybe a few years?

It was so yummy. My absolute favorite thing from pho restaurants are the salad rolls. They have noodles, lettuce, pork, and prawns in them but I just order them without the pork. They are wrapped in rice paper (I think) and served with peanut sauce. So, so, so, good.

After dinner, we got bubble tea from the same restaurant and walked back to Edwin's. I had mango bubble tea which was a change from my usual peach bubble tea. (they didn't have peach) I think I'd order it again actually! Do you like bubble tea? I'd never had it until I met Edwin, and now I've had it a handful of times and really enjoy it! You can get it made with milk or with ice; I get the ice version. It's kind of just like a fruit smoothee with the "bubbles" in it! I described the pearls to my mom over the weekend as being kind of like gummy bears, which I thought was fairly accurate, but Edwin didn't agree. So I am at a loss of how to describe them! (Think of round gummy bears....)

It was a yummy Saturday night date night!

My vermicelli bowl & green tea

My handsome man with his Vietnamese sub & noodle soup. Oh! And my salad roll can be seen in the very front! Yum.

Last but not least, bubble tea. Edwin had strawberry banana - his is the manly pink drink. I am not a huge fan as I don't like banana flavored things. And I only like overly ripe green bananas. Or bananas baked in things.

Happy Monday! What is everyone up to this week? Some of us are turning old on Wednesday...another year, another blog post! This weekend, Edwin & I are going to see comedian Aziz Ansari at the River Rock. I am super excited for it - he is hilarious!


  1. bubble tea kinda creeps me out.

    I had 'circle icecream' at the dairy xpo a few weeks ago. Minimelts.. its FREAKING DELISH!!!!!!!!! so good. So good.

    ...sometimes to feel 'environmental' I walk to the mailbox at the end of the lane. It's 5 hydro-poles long!!

    Happy Tuesday to you. thanks for posting. Makes me smile :)

    1. Thanks for commenting on my posts - THAT makes me smile :) 5 hydro poles just to walk to the end of the drivewa?! Wowza! I think that is the same distance for me to walk to the pho restaurant! Also...bubble tea still kinda does creep me out too...but try it!! you might be pleasantly surprised!!