Monday, March 3, 2014

thankful monday

I think I have yet to do "Thankful Thursday" on a Thursday. Oh well - I guess I'm allowed to be thankful other days of the week than Thursday!

Here are the things I am particularly thankful for in my life as of late: 

1. My sister is loving her experience so far in Regina despite the tons of snow and freezing cold. She sent us this picture today of when she went for a run in the snow. (I know, she's crazy...) 

2. My friend Nicole. It was her birthday last Friday and we celebrated by going for dinner and drinks at Luke's Kitchen in Kits. She is good at finding trendy places to go for group dinners like this! I hope she has an amazing 29th year! (oh my gosh...can't believe me and all my friends will be 30 next year!! Sorry for bringing that up Nicole...hehehe)

3. A  new coffee maker! It was definitely an accident that I broke the old one...I promise! But it lived a good, long, four years and brewed many cups of coffee for someone who loved it dearly (Edwin). This new coffee maker is now super fancy, comparatively speaking! It is Presidents Choice and was only $29.99. I am not super familiar with coffee maker prices, but that seemed pretty decent to me. Plus, if it only lasts a few years, it was worth it. We have made one successful pot of coffee with our dear new appliance:

My first cup of coffee with the new coffee maker. It was tasty.

Edwin read the me users manual :)
4. My grandparents are selling their home. Where this is not something I'm necessarily thankful for (I will miss that home so, so much!!), it is so fun to see what memories have been dug up from the basement in photographs so far. Their house was bought without a buyer even looking at the house, which means they are likely going to tear it down and rebuild something on the property. That makes me sad considering the amount of birthday parties, sleepovers, Christmases, and family parties we have had in that house. I'll have to take some photos and put them on my blog!

My parents, circa 1980ish.

Our family, circa 1995ish.

My brothers first birthday party! (Upon looking at this photo, my mom lovingly told Edwin that "Shannon used to try to get into every photo even when it wasn't her birthday." Thanks mom...)

5. Bananas! Edwin eats bananas like they are going out of style, plus he likes literally anything banana flavored. So, I made bananas flambe on Saturday night for dessert! I had seen it on a cooking show the week before and thought it looked pretty yummy. I definitely didn't follow the recipe as it exactly should have been followed (ie: there was no actually flambe-ing involved!), but it still turned out quite well, especially when served over ice cream.

The current banana inventory. Oh, and there are some plantains in there.
6. Homemade pizza with herb and garlic dough from Trader Joes. Yum. You HAVE to try this pizza dough! Not only did it taste delicious, but it was only $1. That dough made one quite large pizza for Edwin and I and we ate it for dinner as well as both took it for lunch the next day.

We had a plethora of toppings.
7. Last but not least, I'm pretty darn thankful for this guy in general.


  1. I love seeing pictures of your family from way back! Wild how much you and Jen look like your mom. Love how your mom said that you used to loveto get in every photo :) I think I was probably similar!

    1. So funny - so many people say how much we look like my mom! but then again, if people just meet me and my dad, or me and my dad and his sister, people think I look like him/them. So funny how genetics work!!

  2. Wow Shan, you look great. Haven't seen you in a while but it looks like things are going great for you. :)

    1. Thanks Garth! We should get together once Eliza and Justin are your neighbours and have a little soiree - we will invite ourselves over to their house ;)

  3. That sounds like a good idea ;)
    Btw keep the receipt for your coffee maker it has a 2 year warranty Give me a week I'll try to get our blog going again. Take care and see you in June

    1. Oh good call! I'll get Edwin to fish the reciept out from wherever it is! I'd looooove it if you blogged. I'll check in in a week :) xoxo