Friday, April 18, 2014

egg weekend

What are you up to this long weekend? Our office was closed today, but since it has been very busy lately, they said we could work if we wanted to. So, I figured working on a stat holiday was a good idea! I just worked for 4 hours this morning and was extremely productive, which felt nice.

I am hanging out with Bailey at my Aunty Coralee's house this weekend. I'm working on getting a photo of him and I together, but he is busy sun bathing on the porch right now.

My parents are off visiting my sister in Regina this weekend. I wish I was there so badly!! I can't WAIT to see my sister in August. 6 months is far too long for sisters to go without seeing each other. Face Time just isn't cutting it! I know she was super excited to see my parents so they will all have a great weekend. Pants is left doggie-sitting Odie this weekend. He was pretty bummed that he wouldn't get an "official" turkey Easter dinner, so I've volunteered to make some turkey for the boys. It may not be a fancy, basted, and oven roasted for 8 hours turkey, but it will be turkey nonetheless!

Here are a few others things I've been up to these days:

Edwin & I saw Aziz Ansari at the River Rock Casino a few weekends ago. He is hilarious! Check out one of my favorite segments of his. Don't worry - there's no profanity or anything! This is why I like him. I like a comedian who doesn't have to swear and talk about yucky things to be funny.

The next weekend, we went to the Vancouver Auto Show. I told Edwin the only way I would drive a minivan is if he bought me the one with the vacuum in it. (because how convenient is that?!)

We have been having Sunday dinners with my family every week lately. (Sorry, little sister...we started after you left...) This was one of my requests to my mom: tortilla pie. It's almost like a tortilla lasagne - tortillas layered with beans, vegetables, and cheese. The recipe is vegetarian, but I am sure you could add ground beef or chicken and it would be yummy too. I love my momma's cooking.

Plus, we get to see Odie all the time. This is me and him taking a selfie together. (at his request, obviously)

I was housesitting last weekend for Sam & Ben - two kitties. This is Sam posing at the fireplace for me.

Ben & Edwin got along quite splendidly.

Apparently I really enjoy taking selfies with animals! This is Ben & I - his eyes crack me up in this photo!

I got this super cool postcard from my sis in Regina! It's always fun to get physical mail that is not bill-related.

Edwin & I went to the last Canucks game of the season. We are both proudly rocking our Canucks shirts as we are such hardcore fans! ;)

I took a panoramic photo on my iPhone! I think I need to practice more.

This was at the Craft Beer Market in Olympic Village. On Mondays, the fleet of 6 beers is only $7! They are obviously smaller than regular pints, but you get a decent amount of beer for $7, plus you get to try a variety of beers.

I had the fish tacos. They were pretty good, but what was REALLY good was the mac n' cheese I got as a side dish! I didn't realize it bacon in the mac n' cheese, so it's a good thing Edwin was there to eat it all up for me. He ordered a burger (you can see it in the background!) with poutine and it was some GOOD poutine.

I made boerenkoel for dinner last night using this recipe. My Opa used to make this and I loved it!! I have to admit, I had NO idea it was just mashed potatoes with kale in them. My aunty Coralee has also made boerenkoel before and it tasted really good! Mine, however, seemed to just taste like mashed potatoes with kale it. Did I make it wrong? Did I use wrong potatoes? Did it just not taste the same knowing what was exactly in it? Have I not had it in this long?! My aunt said she has bought spices from the Dutch store before to put in; maybe I'll try that next time. Oh well, it still tasted good, just not as special as I thought it would. After dinner, I ate spaekalaas. It was a true Dutch evening! (also - this was a good use for the 1 lb of kale I bought on sale at Two EE's last weekend!)

Have a great long weekend! Happy Easter!

PS - Read this. Signs you grew up in Surrey in the 90's. Too funny. 

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