Thursday, May 22, 2014

a gastropost

I really, really enjoy food. I love to cook, I love to grocery shop, I love to eat out, I love reading recipes, I love cookbooks; I love when other people cook for me. I don't know if it is a fad to take pictures of food, but either way, it makes me happy!

So, here is your warning: this is a post with only pictures of food.

Oh, and I love food/recipe blogs. Here are some faves if you feel like food-reading:

Check out what is on the menu for tonight! I've never made it before...

Spaghetti & green salad. Classic dinner in my opinion. This was my plate; Edwin's came with meatballs. (comprised of a recipe from my head - ground beef, onions, cheese, basil...the usual ingredients!)

This pasta was based loosely off of this recipe. It was filled with gruyere and gouda cheese, and probably had a million calories, but it was pretty darn yummy. A good cheese can make anything taste amazing!  My variations included using red peppers instead of mushrooms (what we had in the house), and a few other things I can't quite remember.

Edwin & I went for all you can eat Indian food last weekend. Oh. My. Gosh. So much food. It was actually a Groupon that we had bought and it was totally worth it. (providing you don't eat so much that your belly hurts for the rest of the night...) This restaurant is in Kits and has a killer view of downtown. I'd recommend to go on a summer night when it's warm and sit on the patio. (the green dish pictured above - saag - is my absolute favorite Indian dish)

De Dutch Pannekoek House! I have not been there since we used to go with my Oma and Opa. This pannekoek was delicious. Edwin had a sweet one with strawberries & whipping cream; I had a savoury one with hashbrowns and hollandaise sauce. We are so different ;)

We went to Trader Joes and found frozen salmon burgers we thought we would try. They turned out to be pretty tasty! They are a bit on the small side, so you end up with quite a few bites of your burger sans salmon, but have a good flavor. Read a review of them here.

Edwin went to a Whitecaps game last week with some friends so naturally, I got sushi for dinner. I tried the place right across the street from us for the first time and really enjoyed it. It was very fresh! I know this sounds really sappy, but sushi makes me miss my sister so much! She was my primary sushi buddy as we both really enjoy it, and now I definitely don't eat it as much.

This is another Groupon trial: Sen Viet Restaurant in Langley for Pho. (side note: I think that Groupon's are really great, but only if they are for things that you would normally consume/purchase; otherwise it's a waste of money!)  This is my salad roll. They are my favorite thing about going to pho restaurants. They are served with peanut dipping sauce and I highly recommend them.

My dinner was a prawn vermicelli bowl. It was yummy, but this restaurnts portion sizes are different than those of a the usual pho restaurants portions. I think this is a bit of a "fancier" pho restaurant, if you will. (by fancy I just mean newer and in Langley!)

Edwins dinner: rice paper wraps. The actual rice paper wraps are not pictured here, but you basically take your ingredients (above) and wrap in rice paper, like a lettuce wrap. He thought they were good but didn't enjoy that he had to prepare his own dinner.

At Harj's wedding reception: appetizers. Chai tea and fish pakoras. The REAL chai tea is delicious and so much better than the Starbucks chai tea. I do like that too, but this is milky and great. And fish pakoras...need I say more? Tandoori-ish and delicious!!
Edwin & I went on a date on Tuesday night to see Hugh Laurie at the Orpheum. (amazing music and he is SO hilarious - totally recommend!) We didn't have a ton of time for dinner, and a colleague of mine said she had recently eaten at Chipotle downtown. I didn't know we had a Chipotle here, but we sure do!! I was really excited to try their tofu burrito filling called sofritas. It was really yummy and had a good flavor to it! I always get excited when there is vegetarian options other than just vegetables. The guacamole (which we ate with chips) was really, really good. You could tell it was literally avocados, cilantro, red onion, and maybe some garlic/salt. It was very fresh and good. I could have eaten 8 of those little containers. 


  1. OH man, that is some seriously good food! And Dr. House, so cool!

    1. He was really entertaining! Even though we didn't know a lot of the songs (jazz songs from a long time ago) he was still such a good performer that it didn't matter. Highly recommended if he is ever in town again :)

  2. wow. you make me hungry.

    Kyle (husband) and I just cut back on no cookies around the house, koek, muffins etc...because believe it or not we could down a 9x13 of squares in 24 hours.....and a box of cookies ina day.... disgusting, I know. So we cut it out - mostly...I still NEED caramel syrup in my latte every day ;) But you wouldn't believe how much better I feel! WOW! Kyle has headaches, but feeling good besides that - we're eating a ton of veggies & fruit instead. Crazy how addicted we were.... !!! (ps de dutch - = banana walnut pannekoek is the best!)

    1. WOW! Good for you guys! That takes a lot of commitment. I should try to do that a bit more...I'd say salty things are more my weakness though... Edwin and I could easily eat a bag of chips during a movie! :) (why do they make good things SO addicting?!)