Wednesday, May 28, 2014

get ready for a thing post...

Hello blog world! Just a few random things for you today...

I just signed up to donate blood on June 4th. I am really bad at going back as soon as I am eligible again... I think I was eligible in March. Can someone remind me in 56 days from June 4th to go again?

My dad sent me & my sister this article today and said he could vouch for it: "Dads who do housework have more ambitious daughters." It's an interesting article about gender equality written by a UBC grad student.

Oh Vancouver housing...

My friends Kim & Kanye got married this weekend. I guess my invite got lost in the mail?

Following my recent Gastropost blog post below, check out these amazing Vancity foodie instagrammers if you are in need of more food pix.

This is SO important to know about: secondary drowning. As a former lifeguard (I think I'm actually still certified for another year officially!), I am quite familiar with it and understand the risks of a near drowning situation, but not everyone is. Learn about it please!

Zucchini noodles. Does anyone own a julienne peeler I can borrow to do this?!

I have lots of fun things on my agenda for this weekend: 

Thursday: eat nachos after work with my girls.
Friday: make guacamole with my love.
Saturday: watch my fantastic cousin Gina get married.
Sunday morning: possibly attend this great event that I've signed up for; possibly sleep in. (just signing up is sufficient to help the cause, right?!)
Sunday afternoon: a baby shower for the momma of the soon-to-be favorite twins in my life
Sunday evening: this event at the Richmond Cultural Center!! I could not be more excited. This is SO up my alley.

What are you up to this week/weekend?

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  1. GAH! secondary drowning! so scary! thanks for the reminder!!