Thursday, May 8, 2014

recipes & things

To add to my ever-growing list of things to make...

1. Avocado cup salad
2. 9 takes on tuna sandwiches
3. Tricolor salad
4. How to make a perfect piece of toast
5. How to pair wine with Indian food
6. Spinach & mushroom mac n' cheese
7. Saffron risotto (have you ever made risotto? I haven't!) 

Last but not least, I just read about this A Cup of Jo - restaurant registry. Weird or not?!  I think it's a cool idea if you are doing a registry. I think that experiences are great - like when my mom got Edwin & I a Groupon to Dark Table!

Ok, one more thing: how to argue like a hostage negotiator. (Little sister - you should read this in the event you become a hostage negotiator!)

Goodnight world!

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