Monday, May 5, 2014


My brother coaches a softball team and his team had a tournament in Summerland this past weekend. Edwin & I went up for some entertainment, thinking it was going to be lovely and warm. Nope! It was cold and rainy, and even snowed on the Coquihalla coming home yesterday. Oh well, we still had fun. We cheered on a few softball games (they came in 4th in the tournament), had some nachos at the local pub in town, and went to a winery where we bought some delicious wine!

The start of our road trip. It was about 4.5 hours there and 3.5 hours home.

I love BC! We live in a very beautiful province.

Have you seen a hotel with an ACTUAL key lately? Well, then you haven't stayed at the Summerland Motel!

Wine tasting

Road trip snacks. So yummy. (these don't particularly taste like pizza....)

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  1. So glad everything is working out for you Shannon, you deserve the best:) You'll have to come check out our house soon. Can't wait to see yours.