Thursday, June 5, 2014

lots of THINGS!

First of all, I know I need to blog about my cousin Gina's wedding, but I want to get the photos that my dad took on his real camera to post as opposed to my iPhone photos. So, that is still to come. I love weddings. Have I ever told anyone that?! I love how happy everyone is and how FUN they are. Congratulations to Gina & Jaro! Until then... here is my favorite photo booth pic of most of my cousins! (minus little sister and cousin Danielle)

In the meantime, you get to read about things that interest me, and hopefully you!

I asked Edwin to take me here so we can pick beautiful peonies together. So romantic! (as seen on The Doctor's Closet)

Click here to enter to win a $150 Cactus Club gift Card! Mmm.... fries with garlic mayo...

Edwin & I went to see this play/performance/show last weekend - anything with live cooking is good in my books!

You HAVE to read about this lady who is from a tribe in the Amazon, and married a man from Philadelphia. I don't even know where to start on how intriguing this is & how her children must have felt.

Do you like food? Like to cook? Then Well Seasoned is a must-visit gourmet food store. My parents got me a gift certificate for my birthday, and I went yesterday. I could have spent $400 on fancy pasta, flavoured olive oils, baking trays, cutting boards, and hot sauces. Alas, I only spend $40. But I'll be back!

Russell Peters is coming to Vancity!!

Have you heard of the Exit game? We are trying to think of a team activity to do at work, and this was suggested. It scares me a little but I'd be willing to try!

Birthday party burrito bar? Yes please!!

Homemade teriyaki sauce. This looks great, and I love anything homemade, but sometimes it's just easier to pay the $4 and buy it... but I'd still like to try this to see how the two compare.

Last but not least, my heart goes out to those families and friends affected by losing loved ones in Moncton. It does hit hard a little more now that my sister is going into that line of work. Read a heart warming blog here.

Oh, and just to remind you, T minus 23 days until MOVING DAY!!!

I do drive by's of our new house all the time. And sometimes take pictures. People are going to start thinking I'm a stalker soon...

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  1. I want to go to the Peony Farm too! Just read the article on the woman from the Amazon, wow.