Sunday, June 22, 2014

the opo squash

As you know, Edwin & I visit Two EE's weekly for our fruits and vegetables. And I love it. Vegetables make me very happy.

I usually have a standard list in my head that doesn't change much week-to-week: carrots, potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes, avocados, peppers, onions, apples, and of course mushrooms. Sometimes I throw celery in there so we can bring celery and peanut butter to work for snacks. (best snack ever) A few weeks ago, I decided to be adventurous and try some new squashes! I was super excited for them but forgot to take a picture of them pre-cooking. (the below are from google images)

The good squash was the yellow scallop squash:

It didn't have a very strong flavor, and was a similar texture to zucchini. I didn't cut off the skin at all since it was really soft, and just fried it with some onions and spices. They are quite small, so you have to buy a few if you are going to use them as a vegetable side. But aren't they oh-so adorable?!

The bad squash was the opu squash:

I thought the sign for this one said "use as you would use zucchini." But, now that I think about it, maybe it was the other one?! I used this one "as I would zucchini," but it did NOT taste like zucchini. Nor did it cook like zucchini. I didn't take the skin off (bad mistake I later learned; should have googled before cooking...), and it was so hard after baking it for about 1/2 an hour with some other veggies. Also, there were seeds inside. And not the edible kind. Needless to say, this one was labelled "do not buy again." The actual taste of the "meat" of the vegetable wasn't bad, but it's way too much work just to eat this thing. If you feel like being adventurous, try this opo squash recipe! (and let me know how it works out)

Today, I told Edwin that it I thought it would be super duper cool to buy a new vegetable every week at Two EE's and then for me to blog about it. I had big visions of  "vegetable of the week" posts and super cool photos of thing I make with them. But, I somehow get the feeling that my stellar idea may not be something a lot of people are too into....

What is your favorite vegetable? And if you don't have a "favorite," which one is the least tolerable to you? Every time I ask Edwin this question, he thinks about it for like 4 solid minutes, and then goes with "potatoes." (sometimes: "yams.") I then try to say "no no, like REAL vegetable." And it doesn't get much further than that. Maybe avocados come up, but he doesn't really love any vegetable like I do. (But he is a trooper and eats lots of my adventurous veggies, opo squash included!)

My favorite vegetables are mushrooms.

Or onions. Or tomatoes... or peppers. This is a HARD question!

PS - read the post below to find out what happened one week ago TODAY! Woohoo!!

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