Saturday, July 12, 2014


I apologize for the neglect on my dear blog these days. There has been a lot going on between moving, Edwin's parents coming in from Guatemala, Heidi having twins, Edwin's birthday, and many other things in between. Want to see pictures? I thought you'd never ask!

Have I ever told you I am really no good at assembling Ikea things? I just have no patience for it and it's annoying non-readable picture-only instructions. I did about half of a chair in the time the boys each did 2.

Good job boys! Love these stools at the island.

Moving was a weekend process. Edwin had his apartment until July 1, and we got possession on June 28. So a few days overlapped, and this was our last meal at his apartment. Pretty fancy, eh? Please note that there are no plates or utensils either. Only celery & a tupperware lid.

The view from Edwin's apartment on the 30th floor was pretty darn nice. I really liked the apartment overall actually! But we now have MUCH more space in our new house.

These signs were my fave in his apartment: "Exit on left like England"

...and once you exited: "Resume on right like Canada"

Welcome to our new home! The view from the front door. Love it so much.

Our family room couch came too long in error. A new one is being and will get to us in a few weeks! Until then, you need to go through the kitchen to get around the island. C'est la vie.

My daddio & bro are SUPER helpful when it comes to assembling things - this is our dining room table that weighed 152 pounds!

I like yellow.

Yay! Andrew installed a microwave for us! The house came with a heavy duty fan installed instead of the microwave, and we had to get it replaced. Andrew to the rescue!! 

...I have a lot of books....

We added some color into our room! Coral pillows.

The main floor bathroom.

Trying to decide where things should go on the walls....

At my parents for Sunday dinners. Pants & Odie like to play together.

Heidi & Tim had baby twins on Monday, July 7! Welcome to the world Harrison & Julia. Oh man, how adorable are they??? Twins?? TOO CUTE! This picture makes me so so so happy. Everyone is doing well!

Harrison & Julia with grandma & grandpa Klassen.

Happy birthday (as of yesterday) to the love of my life!

Edwin's parents are in town as of Wednesday. Today we went to Fort Langley.

The boys are both fascinated by the train. And stand very similarly! Like father like son.

Edwin & I.
GUESS WHO I GET TO SEE IN LESS THAN 3 WEEKS!!!! Regina, here come the Spiers! And then Smithers, here come the Spier siblings! These cities won't know what hit 'em.

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