Wednesday, July 2, 2014


We officially live in our new (town) house!! We got possession of it on Saturday and had it painted on Saturday/Sunday/Monday. We moved all our stuff in on Monday, and have been unpacking ever since! (Did you know moving is this much work?! Wow!) 

This was our first meal at the house on Monday - Taco Bell. Classy! 

I love our new home so much! I'm enjoying putting things where they belong (especially in the kitchen) and cleaning things so they look & smell like new. We've gotten quite a bit done over the last few days, with LOTS of help from my fam, and there's still a few things left to do. (My brother says he's never assembling Ikea furniture again...) 

I'm off from work this week which is nice to continue to organize - today I'm waiting for some furniture from the Brick to get delivered. Yay, we will have couches today!! (It's like Christmas Day waiting for this delivery!)

I'm just doing this quick blog post from my phone since I'm not too sure where my iphone cord is to be able to upload photos to my computer.... Lots more to come later!! 

I cooked my first meal in this kitchen yesterday - kraft dinner! (We still didn't have many groceries... And let's face it, it's just plain old delicious...) (Oh, and I cut up the one vegetable we had in the house - 1/2 a green pepper. What's a meal without vegetables??!!) 

This was my project from this morning - organizing the closet. It's not fully done yet but it's well on its way. 

Our garbage just got picked up! That was cool. This whole organics/recycle and organics/garbage will take some getting used to! 

Hope you had a good Canada day! Edwin & I went out for dinner last night to Cactus Club to celebrate our anniversary. (It was delicious.) This has been a pretty darn good year if you ask me!! Love you lots, Edwin :) 

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  1. Yay! Great place! You are making me realize that my wardrobe does not include enough colour. And yes, moving is so much work which is why we are never moving :)