Tuesday, July 15, 2014

thankful tuesday

I have lots of things to be thankful for in my life!

Amanda & I went dingying on Sunday at Rolley Lake. It's not huge, but the nice thing is that there are no motor boats allowed, so the lake is calm. It also wasn't too busy which was nice.

This is dingying. We lay in inflatable boats for hours in the water. It's glorious.

This is so peaceful. Also, it was really hot so we swam in the water and just floated around. Definitely recommended. I'm very thankful for water and to live in such a nice place!!

My dad & my brother have been car shopping for my sister for weeks now, and I think they've looked at every single Ford Escape in the Lower Mainland at this point. They've worked really hard to find the perfect one! This is one of the many photos my brother sent in our "FamJam" Whatsapp group - I liked that he was taking selfies in the test vehicles. Speaking of, did you know that we have a family Whatsapp group? I'm not exaggerating when I say that probably not two hours goes by (except during the night) when a message isn't being sent. It is pretty great! I love my family and am very thankful for them.

Yesterday I got to visit with Heidi, Tim, Jack and their new little twins. Jack and I sat on the floor and ate watermelon. So yummy.

I snuggled Julia for a while and she just slept and slept. Her dark hair looks similar to Jack's when he was born, who now has super blonde hair! I didn't take a photo with Harrison yesterday - whoops! More selfies needed next time.

How adorable is this little face? And all those teeth?! Too cute. I'm very thankful for this family!

I'm thankful that Edwin's parents are here and that they are really, really kind. I'm excited for them to officially be my in-laws! Here, Edwin is explaining which river this is in Fort Langley.

Lastly, I'm thankful for cool things around the internet: (kinda lame, but seriously! I really, really enjoy just browsing and reading articles, learning things, laughing at pictures, etc.)

"How a Password Changed My Life" - the power of positivity.

23 products you need in your life. (#12 = GENIUS)

Cute new lulu product - the runsie. Me gusta! I also really enjoyed this review on it. Worth a look!

Wow, bad joke today! (Ferf - take note. People apparently joke about these kind of things...)

Happy Tuesday! 

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